Goldpaw sets the Gold Standard

My yorkie, Robin, is lucky enough to have a wardrobe most HUMANS envy. I developed a love of dog fashion several years ago, before I even had a dog. In fact, subconsciously I think I may have gotten Robin JUST so I could dress him up. (He doesn't mind) But much the same as all women have that one, perfect little black dress, the staple in his closet is his little black fleece. 

The Initial Howl

If I think back to my earliest memory, it would be curling up in my first family dogs bed alongside her. We would frequently fall asleep together in there. Her name was Brandy, and I think she was a cocker spaniel mix. She was my best friend. I remember the bed being a large wicker laundry basket with a blanket it in. We lived on a farm and things were simple like that. She passed away when I was no more than 5, so that tells you how long ago my love of dogs began.