The Initial Howl

If I think back to my earliest memory, it would be curling up in my first family dogs bed alongside her. We would frequently fall asleep together in there. Her name was Brandy, and I think she was a cocker spaniel mix. She was my best friend. I remember the bed being a large wicker laundry basket with a blanket it in. We lived on a farm and things were simple like that. She passed away when I was no more than 5, so that tells you how long ago my love of dogs began.

I am the mother to three beautiful fur babies, of whom I love and spoil with every ounce of me. My eldest is my 12lb chocolate point feline, Yoda. He was born in 2008 in my mothers closet and has spent his entire life by my side, travelling up and down the west coast.
The middle child, Robin, is my 4lb yorkie. He has more clothing than I do, and wears something different every day. I share him with his breeder as he is still a working stud! He has the most beautiful children, you’ll see!
The baby is Kevin, my 4.5lb pomeranian. He came with some challenges early on, but is now living the life! He is the happiest dog you will ever meet and I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t automatically fall in love with him.  

I’ve been working in the pet industry since I was 17 and have now started Paws Up! as my way of succumbing to the knowledge that I am a crazy dog lady. I have experience in health and nutrition, fashion, grooming, supplements, first aid, and basic could say I’ve dabbled in a little bit of everything. This blog is going to be my experiences, my opinions, and my reviews of products that I am passionate about. I’m enjoying my journey and I’m excited to share it with you. :)